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Go Short-Term
Would you like to experience serving those in need, first-hand?
This can be an amazing way for the Lord to work in your life and to build your relationship with Him. When we are at home and in our comfort zone it is often hard for us to really practice loving others and it's hard for us to see God's life-changing power, first-hand.

If you have the desire to "do your part" in changing the world, come join us on a short-term trip and watch God build your faith as you serve others! We send groups to serve in local areas in North Carolina, as well as places in Central America, and overseas. Click on the following link to see our list of Upcoming Missions Trips.

Would you like to send your group through Faith-Building Missions?
Do you already have a group that wants to go on a missions trip, but doesn't know where or how? Let us assist you.

We will help you:
  • Locate a place of need
  • Organize the preparation
  • Send you with an experienced host
...and we wont charge you anything for it!

If you have any of these needs, or would like to find out even more, please just let us know how we can help.

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