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History of Faith-Building Missions
It all started with a trip to Guatemala in the winter of 2006 by two brothers, Dean Siler and Dennis Siler...

"As a preliminary step we wanted to look around to find a place of physical and spiritual need. Through looking online we came across the organization called, "His Ministries," and met up with one of their missionaries, Brian Sears, in Kentucky. Speaking with Brian, we heard of the needs in Guatemala and strongly felt the need to go down there and meet the people in person.

First, went to Belize and met with a few of the native Christians in that area, but we soon realized the greater needs in the mountains of Guatemala. In Guatemala, we went to the small city of Chiquimula and met up with Pastor Oasis, a native Guatemalan and local pastor. We talked with him and, after seeing the many needs, decided to provide him with ongoing financial support.

After staying in Chiquimula for a short time we traveled to San Juan Ermita. There, we helped previously mentioned missionary Brian Sears by working on his house. During our time there, Brain revealed to us a lot of the needs in the area.

In a lot of ways, this trip may sound like just a series of events strung together. But it was SO much more. Through seeing the many needs (both simple and complex) of people a fire was sparked inside Dean's heart to do everything he could do serve the needy, and to further the kingdom of God, worldwide.